Vegan chocolat cake

I tried to find a way to cook a vegan chocolat cake.

Oatmeal, water and flour (and a few other things). And bham, chocolat cake!

Recipe for 6-8 serves.

Ready in less than 80 minutes.



  1. in the blender, pour oatmeal and water
  2. Mix everything for 2 minutes
  3. Split the chocolate in two bowls of 100g each
  4. Pour two Tbsp of the oatmeal milk in each bowl
  5. Melt the first bowl of chocolate (microwave for example)
  6. Into the oatmeal milk, add flour, yeast, melted chocolate, maple syrup, oil and sugar
  7. Mix for 1 minute
  8. Pour the composition into a baking tray
  9. Heat the oven to 180°C
  10. Cook for 45 minutes
  11. Wait an hour for the cake to become less hot
  12. Melt the chocolate of the second bowl and mix it with the almond cream
  13. Pour it on the cake
  14. add some lemon on the top

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