Don't throw rocks at me

I've been doing music over the last six months. I managed to do 13 tracks with strange DIY technics. Some covers, some originals.

Here are the tracks, sorted in chronological order. The beautiful photo you can see above is used as a cover for the MP3 files. It’s a picture taken by my son Clément.

Don’t throw rocks at me (Ne me jetez pas de cailloux in french) became the title I gave to this set of tracks. I don’t think we can call this an album. It’s just a bunch of mp3 files. It doesn’t mean that I’m not happy with it. But for me, the word album implies a global project and studio-quality recording.

I spent an average of four hours per track. All included, composition, writing, recording, editing, etc. And that’s a number I’m pretty proud of. The composition experience I had so far involved weeks of work.

01. Lonely

My first attempt. I used a looper and I did this in 30min. But I thought the result was fun, so here you go.

I filmed the process. Here’s a little montage.

144p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p

Inspired by Lonely from Imagine Dragons.

02. Friends and Lovers

Recorded in a catastrophic way with Audacity with the computer’s microphone, placed in my kitchen, whispering to not wake the boys. I added a little Piano after. For the rest, I did everything with mouth and taping on the table.

Inspired by Friends and Lovers from Incubus.

03. Stupeflip

Little tribute to Stupeflip. I did it my way. With my voice, Clément’s guitar, a pencil, my computer’s microphone and my little heart. For the first time I used Ardour (for a real multitrack).

Inspired by Stupeflip from Stupeflip and by C.R.O.U. from Stupeflip.

04. Karmacoma

In front of my computer with, for only instruments, scissors (which were on my desk) and a bottle of beer. And there you go.

For the first time, I use a real microphone and my old VoiceLive pedalboard as a sound card for the recording.

Inspired by Karmacoma from Massive Attack

05. Good Riddance

This one is a little weird (more than the others I mean). I just did this to have fun. I was hoping Clément would join me (because he has a very pretty voice). But finally it didn’t happen.

As usual, I did a lot of vocal tracks and I hit the table and the guitar!

Inspired by Good Riddance from Hades OST.

06. Dancing in the dark

This one was done with a public. I think it’s my favorite of them all.

Inspired by Dancing in the dark from Imagine Dragons.

07. I’m a fucking fraud

At the request of my loved ones, I made, for the first time, an original composition.

08. This is my life

Finally, I was inspired that weekend. I made this second original composition the day after the previous one.

09. Si j’étais moi

For once, I tried to do a piece very basically. Just guitar/voice without too many tracks. I put my naked voice at the front. I think the lyrics suit it very well.

Inspired by Si j’étais moi from Zazie

10. Petit Moineau

For the first time, I mixed guitar and piano in the same track. And I recorded the piano via the VoiceLive sound card. So it sound pretty good.

Another original composition.

11. Citron

I wanted some hardcore vibe ! For the first time I used a sample that I did not create myself.

Also an original composition (you bet 😅)

12. عدم ضبط النفس


The kind of stuff I like to sing. I was already singing this kind of thing to Clement when he was a baby. So I had to record it, at least once.

13. What were the odds

A little bit of love…

Thank you 😘

Thank you for listening. Your feedbacks will be welcome. I’m already aware of a lot of problems (Sound quality, mixing, precision, off-key, odd and sometimes dissonant chords, etc.) Well, I just wanted to get this stuff out of my head without it getting boring. I don’t want to make money out of it. Just want to have fun 😊

If you prefere, thoses tracks are on SoundCloud.

Download all tracks (59.5MB - zip)

06/08/2023 No one threw me rocks, so I’m going on. You want some more ? Here it is 🎧 🎵🎶 🎹

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