Some of my projects

A few things I did and for which I was told “I don’t understand why you don’t put this on your blog?”. I’ll try to post more from time to time, just to remind me the things that I liked to do and don’t do anymore (or not enough) because I’m stupid.


Phyto-info Logo

I'm building a website for our litle non profit organization. I'm quite proud of it so I wanted to share it with you.

Don't throw rocks at me

Nicolas with a strange face outside in front of trees.

I've been doing music over the last six months. I managed to do 13 tracks with strange DIY technics. Some covers, some originals.

Srouders Game

Aquarelle of a small village with an isometric view. Placed on a table with brushes and painting around.

A video game I co-direct with my 11-year-old son and co-wrote with his godfather.

Jeff Bridges

A pencil portrait of a face that kinda looks like jeff bridges

It always pissed me off never succeed in drawing someone who exists. So I trained with this Jeff Bridges portrait (because I like him). It's not perfect yet, but I like the result anyway.

City 17

Drawing of a futuristic city with a giant tower in the background

A fan-art of the Half Life series. This drawing is not really representative. You'd rather discover City Seventeen yourself!

Unknown rock

Drawing of a man standing next to a strange rock at the top of which shines a light.

Definitively the best to give name to what I draw! My first experience with pastel.


3D rendered image representing a zombie monkey.

Yes... That's how this abomination is called.

Butterfly's Seed

3D rendered image representing a strange butterfly on a wall.

3d animation of a butterfly that lays something magical.


3D rendered image representing a strange red sphere and some little one which gravitate around the big one.

the kind of animations my brain produce on its own when I sleep. I don't know how it happened.

Music lives, studio et records

Nico and Tony on stage

During my crazy youth, I had no hair, but I had a microphone, a Peugeot break, and I used to jump on stage with my friends in many towns.

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