A small village near Besançon in eastern France (Doubs).


IT developer and a lot of other things.


I am currently the father of two boys with whom I live alone since two years ago(except roughtly 6 days a month).

I work part-time to have all the time they need from me.

I am in the process of creating a blended family with my lover and her daughter. It’s scary and exciting at the same time. We go there precautiously.



I am still self-employed for mainly two companies (and a few smaller clients that I occasionally help out).

Mainly, I’m building a fairly complex web project that mixes several technologies and a lot of 3D. It’s really interesting (although sometimes overwhelming). Overall, I program tools that allow you to control Blender to make configurable and modular images for a multi-site e-commerce (itself modular and extensible) that I try to make as responsible and intelligent as possible.

I can do whatever I want and plenty of time to work, so it’s really great.



I continue to make music my way. I post my creations right here.

Last track has been added 18 days ago :

12. Love hurts

My mood.

Inspired by Love hurts from Incubus

I also recently created a band (bass, guitar, drums, vocals), with which we started to compose songs. It feels good to make big noise again as a band. Looking forward to the live performances!


I am a founding member of an association which is sharing information about plants. We are trying to make a really good site. It’s sometimes a lot of work but it’s fun and family-friendly.

This year’s goal : We go internationnal!

Low-power computing

I always try to reduce my electricity consumption and this involves my main work tool. I am slowly migrating towards a new way of working and creating.

My goal is to be able to work on a simple Raspberry Pi on battery with a small screen. And therefore work on a light and fast IDE with only a keyboard. So I would like to, on day, migrate from VSCode to Emacs.

Reduce mouse use and optimize keyboard comfort

I have been working on this more or less regularly for several years. For the moment, I’m slowly starting to get used to working with a QWERTY keyboard (for smoother future work with Emacs), I moved my CTRL key to the CAPSLOCK key to relieve my little finger, and also I limit the use of my mouse and my numeric and directional pad more and more. (to relieve my arm a little). It takes a long time to break habits, but I am hopeful that I will create new habits that are more effective and comfortable.

Reduce my tech consumption

I try to simplify my use of tech as much as possible. I haven’t had a smartphone for a few months. I’m thinking of getting rid of my Nextcloud server in the coming months (electricity etc…). And maybe my phone during the year (which I hardly use in the end).

I would like to self-host on an RPI rather than on this old laptop which I find too greedy (electricity etc…).

I work on it from time to time while preparing for a migration.

My little blog

I try to keep this little site up to date. To post what I do from time to time.

I have recently been putting new photos/videos on the home page from time to time. A bit random. Just stuff that I think is cool.

This year I read

This is a /now page.

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